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Set up and send personalised emails, text messages, integrate with 3rd party services and so much more with ease.

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Simple Automation, Like An Invaluable Assistant

Packed with so many useful features with more coming soon, SendHook will free up your time so that you can do the thing you do best.


Choose from a template, customise and send emails to your customers and yourself when something happens in your store.

Text Messages

SMS messages boast an amazing 98% open rate, that's why they're perfect for grabbing attention.

Custom Integrations

Want to add a note to Trello, automatically print a thank you note when an order comes through? Easily integrate with 3rd party services or your own website.


Flows are at the heart of SendHook. It's the plan that you want us to follow when something happens in your store.


Trigger your flow off when something happens in Shopify, such an a customer is created, an order is dispatched or updated, or the order was delivered.


If this, then do that. Sometimes you want to say something when something specific is present on an order, such as thanking a repeat customer, or including a specific message if a product contains a certain tag.


You don't need to send an email or text message as soon as something happens - you might want to wait a few minutes, even a couple of hours!

Realtime Analytics

Know exactly what happened, when. Our reports are in realtime, so you can see your how many emails and text messages were sent for each flow.

Supporting Emojis

Emojis are a fun way for ecommerce businesses to stand out in a crowded inbox and establish a deeper connection with their customers. In fact, emojis can make online messages easier to understand and more believable. Emojis in subject lines can boost open rates by 10-15 percent.

Dark Mode Emails

Dark Mode is taking over the inbox - and making sure emails look great in this reading environment is the new big challenge for email marketers. All of our email templates support dark mode.

Data, Privacy and GDPR Compliance

Both yours and your customers data and privacy is our top priority. You're in safe hands with SendHook - we don't store any personally identifiable information about your customers, period. Information we have about your business is encrypted using standard bank-level encryption.

And so much more...

We're constantly improving and adding new features to SendHook to make it the best yet.

SendHook Enables You To Do Anything

There's no limit to what you can do with SendHook - you can customise and build your own flows to do exactly what you want.

Build relationships...

Wait 10 minutes, send a personal email to introduce yourself and to let your customer know that you're here for them if they need any help. Once their order has been delivered, send another email to ask for a review.

Recover abandoned carts...

Follow up and recover abandoned carts by sending an email or text message with a message and discount.

Late delivery...

Find out about a delayed delivery before your customer contacts you.

Thanks for your order...

Automatically email a thank you note to yourself, personally thanking your customer by their name, to print out and include in an order.

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